Amanda Christine’s debut album titled “artist’s proof” was released in July of 2008.  Amanda released 1500 numbered and signed copies of the work.  The music can be purchased on CD Baby:

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Amanda Christine earned her Bachelors of Science in Business Management and Economics from George Fox University.  An entrepreneur, she opened her first restaurant  “The South Store Cafe,” nestled in Oregon's Willamette Valley wine country.  The cafe became the heart of the rural community of Scholls.  While there Amanda hosted live music for her clientele on Saturday nights as well as "full moon parties."  The South Store provided a space in which artists could collaborate.  For ten years she surrounded herself with musically and artistically talented people, not fully realizing that she herself was a musician and artist.

Amanda grew up playing the piano.  She first started writing and singing songs when she was fourteen.  For Amanda the piano was a place of refuge.  In recent years she began to play the guitar transferring her love of music and song writing to another instrument.  Amanda’s unique lyrical style gives voice to life’s seasons whether full of joy or sorrow. 

Amanda has played in a number of venues in, Oregon,Washington and New York.


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Artist proof (2008)